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Colored Faux Mink Eyelashes (Five pairs)

Faux Mink Eyelashes (Five pairs)

















Mink Eyelashes (One pairs)





























Why apply Faux Mink Eyelashes?

1. Best mink material used,Handmade100%,Control each mink hair well.
2. Best glue used when they producing mink lashes.
3. No chemical additive, no pungent smell, No allergic.
4. Good reusability, reuse 20 times +
5. Lashes band very Soft, Comfortable.
6. Wear it, Lightweight, No extra weight.
7. Every mink hair have hair top, No break, More natural and beautiful.
8. The lashes curve not be deformed after reuse and Washed.
9. Certified Cruelty free.

How to save Faux Mink Eyelashes?

Step 1: False eyelashes with softer stalks are easier to change, and the harder the stalks can be reused more often. If you keep them well, you can extend the life of the false eyelashes! First use a small steel comb to remove the remaining mascara on the false eyelashes. Remember, the clip and the comb should be in corresponding positions, and the clip should not be on the left and the comb should be on the right.

Step 2: And then comb the false eyelashes with a spiral comb.

Step 3: Use an eyebrow curler to remove the glue from the eyelash stalk.

Step 4: Use lotion or alcohol to dilute with water, dip it with a cotton swab, and gently wipe the false eyelashes.

Step 5: It can be put away for storage after it dries in the shade.

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How to apply Faux Mink Eyelashes?

Apply shadow, liner and a generous coat of mascara on your natural lashes before applying false lashes.

Step 1: Gently remove the false lash from the tray insert using theTool.

Step 2: Wrap the lashes diagonally around the Gel Eyeliner Pencil (think spiral staircase), and let them sit for a few minutes to stretch out the band. This is an old Hollywood trick forapplying false lashes that gives them a rounded shape that’s easier to adhere to the lid.

Step 3: Remove the lash and check if it’s the right length for your eye. Measure carefully and trim to fit with our Lash Scissors, always cutting from the outside in. Don’t forget to trim the glue tabs on both ends of the lash band that adhere the lash to the packaging tray before applying the lashes.

Step 4: Holding the lash with the applicator tool, place a thin layer of Lash Glue along the cotton band, putting a bit more on the corners to help the band stay put on your eyelid. Let the glue sit for 20-30 seconds until it gets a little tacky (you can blow on it to speed up the process). It’s crucial to achieve the right consistency whenapplying false lashes—you can test it beforehand by putting a dab on your fingers and pinching them together until it gets gummy.

Step 5: Put your chin up and eyes down in front of a large mirror with good light. Using the Lash Applicator Tool, position the band as close to your lash line as possible. Then hold it in place until it starts to dry.

Pro Tip: You can use the Lash Styler Brush to blend the lash hairs together, “marrying” them for a more seamless look.

To complete your look you can use a little Eyeliner =along the lashes, an especially helpful trick if they’re not perfectly meshed.

Extra Help: You can use the Lash Styler Brush to blend the lash hairs together, “marrying” them for a more seamless look.
To complete your look you can use a little Hyper Performance Gel Eye Liner along the lashes, an especially helpful trick if they’re not perfectly meshed.

Bottom Line: If you’re new toapplying false lashes, they’re going to feel a little strange at first, but you’ll get used to the feeling quite quickly. (Plus, your newly lush lashes will help distract you!) If you feel any discomfort, remove them and try again until they feel comfortable and natural. After all, the goal is glamour, not pain.

There’s no doubt that it takes practice to master applying false lashes—but once you get the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike!

How to remove Faux Mink Eyelash glue?

Step 1: Pour the eye and lip makeup remover on a cotton swab and slide it on the roots of the eyelashes to allow the makeup remover to penetrate into the false eyelashes.

Step 2: fold the cotton pad soaked in the eye and lip makeup remover in half and cover the eyelashes, dissolve the mascara on the false eyelashes, and separate the closely-fitted real eyelashes from the false eyelashes.

Step 3: use a cotton swab to slide the root while gently pulling it with your hand. The false eyelashes will fall off naturally. Don’t pull it hard!

Our company has customization and wholesale capabilities. You can send us the eyelash styles you want, and we can customize it for you in the shortest time.