how to grow eyelashes?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions?

1. The grafted eyelashes will not only fall off gradually with the growth cycle of the original eyelashes, but also may fall off locally or in a large area due to the grafting method or the customer’s lifestyle and habits.

2. After the eyelashes are grafted, it may be difficult for customers who originally wear glasses to wear them, especially if the grafted length is 11mm or more, there may be eyelashes against the lens. If you still need to wear glasses after grafting, it is recommended not to graft 11mm or more in length. If you accept, wear contact lenses to make your eyes more attractive.

3. If it is guaranteed to use high-quality eyelashes with soft, strong elasticity, long-lasting shape, hygienic production and disinfection, and adhesive glue that meets international standards, the eyes will immediately look bright without makeup, and it will make the eyes bright and beautiful. Affectionate and other effects.

Eyelash extension process:

1. Clean up-clean the dirt on the eyelashes and blow dry.

2. Isolation-Cut out a suitable size isolation film (can be medical tape, eye mask, eye sticker), and separate the upper and lower eyelashes of the guest.

3. Smooth out-use an eyelash comb or tweezers to smooth out the eyelashes one by one.

4. Selection—The eyelash artist needs to choose suitable eyelashes of different materials and place them on the water table according to the length of the customer’s eyelashes.

5. Grafting

(1) Shake the glue for eyelash grafting, the purpose is to shake the minerals evenly.

(2) Squeeze an appropriate amount of black glue on the glue table, and take less glue each time, which can increase the frequency of taking.

(3) Clamp the end of the eyelash fiber with tweezers, poke about 2/3 of the root into the glue, and then gently drag it out.

(4) The glued eyelashes are glued to the side of the real eyelashes, 0.5 to 1mm away from the skin, not more than 1.5mm.

(5) Detection – After grafting, clean it with a mascara brush to check whether the adhesion is firm, and if it falls off, it needs to be filled.

(6) Blow dry-use a small fan or blow the eyelashes for 5-10 minutes, and it is enough to not dazzle the eyes after opening the eyes.

Beauty eyelashes also need to be maintained, otherwise they will fall off frequently. Especially in the summer, due to weather, frequent oily sweating, the eyelashes are easy to fall off if the oil around the eyes is not cleaned up in time.

For skin care or makeup, use eye creams, sunscreens, barrier creams, etc., and do not get too close to the roots of the eyelashes, so as to avoid improper cleaning, which may cause oil accumulation and cause eyelashes to fall off.

Tips for eyelash care:

1. If your skin is oily, you should carry an oil-absorbent tissue with you. When you feel oily skin, use the oil-absorbent tissue to gently wipe the skin around your eyes to keep it fresh and clean so as not to affect the maintenance of your eyelashes.

2. Usually wash in the morning and evening, for sanitation, but can not touch directly with force, use the method of splashing.

3. If your eyelashes suddenly become very messy, you don’t need to pull it hard, but gently comb it with an eyelash brush.

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