How to do if the eyelashes fall into the eyes?

The long eyelashes are enviable, but the eyelashes that fall into the eyes are not so pleasing. The eyes have a very obvious foreign body sensation. If you want to take it out with your hands, you can’t take the eyelashes with one hand. It is likely that you will not be able to take out the eyelashes. Make your eyes red and weep.

Many people will rub their hands vigorously when they feel the presence of foreign objects in their eyes, trying to use force to get the eyelashes out of the eyes. But the effect is very unsatisfactory. Not only did the eyelashes not come out, but the eyes were also rubbed and swollen. If it is more serious, the cornea may be damaged. What’s more, the eyelashes are not known where they are rubbed, and there is no way to see the eyes. Eyelashes.

Instead of using brute force to force the eyelashes to come out, it is better to use clever force.

You can ask your friend to open your eyes, and then gently blow the air to the eyes, which may blow out the eyelashes. Blow slowly and gently so that your eyes will not hurt.

You can also open your eyes for a long time, tears will come out to wash away the eyelashes; the same simple way is to drop eye drops to quickly wash away the eyelashes.

It is normal for eyelashes to fall off. They have a growth period like our hair, and they will grow again after they fall off. Girls often use mascara or eyelash curlers, the eyelashes are also easy to fall off, so if you cause eyelashes to fall out for these reasons, you must solve it in time.

Please note:

1. Wash your hands in advance

2. Don’t wipe your eyes with dirty things.

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