How to do if the eyelashes fall into the eyes(2)?

It is not uncommon for mink eyelashes to fall into the eyes.
Whenever it is found that there are the following third processing methods:

First, the eyelashes are only on the edge of the eyelid, such as the edge of the eyelid conjunctiva, the edge of the eyelid or the white eyeball, and there are tools like eyelash tweezers that are more convenient. With the help of people with relatively good eyes and no dazzling eyes, it can be directly clipped out.

Second, if the eyelashes are in your eyes, you can rinse them with a few drops of eye drops at home, while the eyeballs are moving, in most cases the eyelashes can be flushed out.

Third, if the eyelashes are too tightly attached and the purpose of rinsing is not achieved by washing, you must go to the hospital for treatment. The doctor will clip out the eyelashes under a slit lamp microscope, and the eyelashes will fall into the eyes. The most taboo is to use your hands. Knead, hoping to knead out the eyelashes by kneading, often backfires, some of the eyelashes get deeper and deeper, even sticking into the bulbar conjunctiva, it will be more difficult for the doctor to take it out, and it will cause some inflammation and infection.

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