How to do if the eyelashes grow inside the eyes?

  1. Pull out with tweezers

Align the trichiasis with tweezers and pull out along the direction of growth.

Advantages: simple operation, no sequelae.

Disadvantages: The pain is strong, and the trichiasis will still grow out. Depending on the growth cycle of the faux mink eyelashes, it will be plucked about once a month.

2. Cut with scissors

Use small scissors to pull out the roots of the eyelashes. Pay attention to the sharpness of the scissors and do not accidentally hurt your eyes.

Advantages: simple operation, no pain.

Disadvantages: It will grow out again. Cut it once every 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, it will be easier to shave the eyelashes from the cut surface where the eyelashes are lost.

Laser method

3. Use laser to destroy the roots of eyelashes and remove trichiasis.

Advantages: can eradicate trichiasis.

Disadvantages: It takes 2-3 times to eradicate, and the cost is higher. There may also be some side effects.

4. Surgery

The trichiasis and eyelid can be removed by surgery.

Advantages: can eradicate trichiasis. Disadvantages: It is only suitable for a few partial trichiasis. If the range is large, or even the entire row of eyelashes are inserted upside down, surgery is required to flip the eyelid margin outward; surgical resection is a safety risk.

What is the hazard of eyelashes growing inside the eyes?

1. Inflammation of the conjunctiva. Unborn eyelashes will repeatedly irritate the conjunctiva, causing tears and increased secretions. The hands will also unconsciously rub the eyes, leading to bacterial invasion and inflammation of the conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis is relatively difficult to cure, and it is often prone to repeated attacks. When the inflammation is repeated and does not heal for a long time, the patient may develop conjunctival scars, and a small number of local eyeball adhesions may occur.

2. Damage to the cornea trichiasis repeatedly stimulates the cornea, which can cause corneal epithelial punctate or diffuse damage, corneal epithelial shedding, superficial corneal opacity, corneal pannus, corneal epithelial keratosis, corneal ulcers, and leukoplakia, which can affect vision. It even leads to blindness.

3. Affecting vision In addition to corneal disease affecting vision, trichiasis can sometimes cause astigmatism and can also affect vision. In children, if astigmatism is obvious, a small number of them can also cause amblyopia.

Eyes have foreign body sensation. Because eyelashes will repeatedly irritate the eyes, patients often have persistent foreign body sensation, which is prone to pain, red eyes, tearing, photophobia and increased secretion.

Trachoma is the most common and most harmful cause of trichiasis in children, and the preventable cause is trachoma. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the early active treatment if their children suffer from trachoma. Congenital trichiasis such as entropion and epidermis on the lower eyelid are generally not prevented and can only be treated by acquired laser or surgery.

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